These are the images I made for the end of our NYCC panel last week. I know these have already made the rounds on the internet, but I thought I should share them here for posterity and for the folks who might not have seen them. Much to my surprise, even my improvised farewell/thank you speech was transcribed and shared along with the images, which was really nice. Here are those words as well, edited by me to correct what my mumbling likely made unclear for the transcriber and/or to represent what I meant to say:

"This is a really big deal for us. It’s been twelve years since we came up with this whole Avatar universe together. Avatar means so many different things to so many different people. To me, when I think of the creation of it, I just think of me and Mike sitting at my computer in this little house I rented in Burbank. And we would just share the keyboard and take turns. And just over the span of two weeks we cracked open this universe together. And twelve and half years later it’s just blossomed into something so huge. And it’s such a big part of our lives and people’s all over the world. These characters are real to us. Not in a delusional way, but in an emotional way. They really mean a lot to me and I know to Mike as well. And we just want to say thanks."

The panel and the signing were an amazing experience and a fitting sendoff for the show, even though I agree with Janet, PJ, and Dave: this show will live on, beyond the release of its final episode, for a long time. And a huge thanks to you guys for all the awesome letters and gifts. The ATLA/LOK fandom is an amazing international community of thoughtful, warmhearted humans.

Love, Bryan

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The only nail polish for me


The only nail polish for me

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I wonder if those people are still a fan of John’s today

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My favorite story is that one time Tolkien was with some writer friends and he was like “oh I’ve got a new story to show you guys” and one of them was like “as long as it’s not more fucking elves”

and it was

it was more fucking elves

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The stories these eyes could tell.

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this is my kind of people

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When spoken word artist Brenna Twohy tells you that she is an unabashed devotee of all things “Potterotica” — erotic fiction based in the magical universe of Harry Potter — your response probably shouldn’t be that her taste is “unrealistic.” 

Watch her full monologue here. 

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person: get your license
me: The Road Is A Terrifying Place And I Am Very Afraid To Drive

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The AVATAR STATE is a defense mechanism designed to empower you with the skills and knowledge of all the past Avatars. The glow is the combination of all your past lives, focusing their energy through your body. In the AVATAR STATE, you are at your most powerful, but you are also at your most vulnerable. If you are killed in the AVATAR STATE, the reincarnation cycle will be b r o k e n and the Avatar will cease to exist.

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HP Genderswap: The Big Seven 

Felicity Jones as Harry Potter, Lily Cole as Ron Weasley, Daniel Sharman as Hermione Granger, Saoirse Ronan as Draco Malfoy, Cameron Monaghan as Ginny Weasley, Anna Popplewell as Neville Longbottom, Jamie Campbell Bower as Luna Lovegood

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Legend of Korra - Enter the Void // Venom of the Red Lotus

The deaths this season were fucking brutal

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even if hannibal wasn’t a cannibalistic serial killer why would you want to hang out with him anyway he’s so pretentious

"heart tartare" kiss my ass hannibal order a pizza

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Russel T Davies: "In nine hundred years of time and space, I've never met anyone who wasn't important."
Stephen Moffat: "You're not special."
Okay. So i'm all for the Moffat hate, but at least get your facts straight. That "Russel T Davis" quote, is from the episode A Christmas Carol. Which Moffat wrote.
If you're gonna hate him at least do it for the right reasons and not just blindly spew your false facts everywhere.

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fyi the post that’s going around captioned “emma watson’s response to the nude photo leak threats” (or any variation thereof) of her showing her breasts isn’t real

it’s a photoshop of this picture she did for mariano vivanco and by reblogging that post you’re violating her just as much as the rest of the creeps threatening to release nude pictures of her

thanks, bye

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